Antique and Vintage Diamond Frame Halo Engagement Rings Ethically Made in Recycled Gold and Platinum

" One of my absolute favorite ways to set a fine ethically sourced sapphire, or fine colored gemstone, is in a frame of glittering diamonds or contrasting gems. I love taking this classic silhouette and splashing together Art Deco, Victorian, Edwardian, and Georgian design elements. Crafting with contemporary materials like recycled rose gold and ethically independently mined and cut Montana sapphires. Some may see a halo... but I see a frame, a target, a counterpoint melody of light and color. "

The engagement rings in our collection are crafted around special gems with unique stories. Jacob designs each piece specifically for the center stone, paying close attention to every tiny detail for a perfectly proportioned finished piece. To discuss these or your own custom ring email us at or follow this link to schedule a consultation.