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   DEFINING ETHICAL: According to the venerable, ethical is defined as “avoiding activities or organizations that do harm to people or the environment.” We refuse to ignore the problematic nature of the industry we work in and are constantly looking to improve our practices.

Our goal is to craft fine jewelry that reflects your values. If you have a particular concern, please let us know. We would love to work with you to find the perfect combination of materials that you will enjoy wearing for many years to come.

  GEMSTONES: It’s impossible to tell the difference between an ethical gemstone and a non-ethical gemstone, and there is no independent certifying body to look to for answers. Thus, we’ve decided to only use gemstones that we can clearly identify as originating in a region that uses ethical mining practices. As you can imagine this is quite challenging work, but as a result, each of our gemstones has a unique story. We also use reclaimed and recycled diamonds and gemstones as well as select lab-created stones including Charles & Colvard Moissanite. Gemstone origins are stated on each listing, but please feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions!

 CHARITIBLE GIVING: We donate to several causes that are important to us annually, including mental health and the environment. 

  LABOR: We work with independent craftspeople and local family owned businesses.

Jacob models each piece of jewelry himself spending hundreds of hours on every tiny detail. Each piece is cast in recycled precious metals by a local family owned caster. Then the casting is cleaned, polished and set by a master jeweler. We all work together personally on each piece, checking each detail every step of the way.

  RECYCLED METAL: To minimize our environmental impact we exclusively use recycled precious metals.We use Harmony metals by Hoover & Strong as well as metals recycled by the family owned casting house we work with which is certified by their supplier as using only SCS independently certified gold and silver from United Precious Metal Refinery, Inc. They are in the process of reviving their own independent SCS certification but are not there yet due to the high costs and administration required to receive their own independent certification.