WHEN WE WERE TWELVE years old, Jacob and I sat side by side learning silver smithing at an arts camp in Connecticut. We filed, sanded, polished, pierced, and cast sterling silver into jewelry and tiny sculptures. We didn’t know it then, but we were both beginning to write our own chapter in long histories of jewelry making in each of our families.


A FEW YEARS LATER, we came of age together in NYC working for some of the top jewelers in the field. After work, month after month, we would dream about having our own company together. Our dreams changed and evolved, but one thing stayed the same. We wanted to build a company we could truly be proud of, one that would allow us to do the work that we love.

  THE PAST as it turned out, was the key to our future. Delving into the history of Jacob’s great-great-great grandfather’s jewelry company, S. Kind and Sons, we discovered an honest business in a tumultuous time.  The volumes of history of the House of S. Kind at the Historical Society of Pennsylvania drew us into the story of Samuel Kind, who founded the company in 1872.


He faced the rapid devaluation of currency, equine influenza, anti-semitism, racism, and all of the uncertainty of the era with grace. He had a deep respect for the people he worked with and built a company that served the Philadelphia community for 93 years.

My family also has a jewelry history, my great-great grandfather founded Hurwitz Jewelry in East St. Louis in the 1890s. Two generations later, my Nana started her own company in Kansas City with her best friend called 18k. You could say jewelry is in our blood.

  OUR SHARED HISTORY continues to serve as our guide. The values at the core of S. Kind are much the same today as they were 150 years ago. A deep respect for the craftspeople, as well as for the materials, we work with, is at the center of everything we do.

  IT TAKES a lot of iced coffee, love, and care to create this work and we’re so honored to get to do it.