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S.KIND & CO. was founded by Samuel Kind in Philadelphia in 1872. Having escaped war torn Europe as a Jewish immigrant just a decade earlier, he had a vision for a new life that began to take shape with the opening of his own store.

ORIGINALLY a jewelry and fancy goods company, S. Kind & Co truly came into its own when Samuel’s son, Frank, joined the house in 1888. Frank’s arrival didn’t just add “And Sons” to the sign above the door, he also brought his own creative point of view to the family business. 

FRANK infused the company with his ingenuity and worked tirelessly to make S. Kind and Sons into a premiere destination for fine jewelry. He became the first purveyor of diamonds in America, cultivating a higher end jewelry buying experience that previously would have only been available in Europe. Through his keen eye and business acumen, he built a jewelry house that would span over a century and became part of the fabric of Philadelphia history.

GENERATIONS LATER, Jacob Louis found himself in a silversmithing studio, forging his first ring in silver at age 11. Ever a magpie, he was fascinated with precious materials from a young age and sought out every opportunity to hone his skills. A childhood visit to The Pennsylvania Historical Society’s archives provided the profound discovery that jewelry making was in his blood, solidifying his path.

HIS PASSION for jewelry led him to NYC where for many years he designed jewelry collections for high end retailers and crafted art jewelry for private collectors. Cutting his teeth in Manhattan’s Diamond District, Jacob learned not only how to negotiate and buy gemstones and diamonds, but also how to identify those truly exquisite finds that should never be passed up.

JACOB'S reverence for craftsmanship brought him back to the legacy of S. Kind & Co. and his own vision for one of a kind custom jewelry with a special focus on unique gemstones such as Montana Sapphires and Antique Diamonds.

TODAY, Jacob hand selects every gemstone and personally designs each ring, sketching and sculpting amongst the historic architecture of Hudson and New York, NY. Crafting with recycled gold, he illuminates the beauty of each gem with his designs, striving to create timeless pieces that would make his family proud.