22k Gold Ruby Signet Ring

PRICE: $ 13,875


So the saying goes… “Where there are sapphires there are tears, and where there is blood there are Rubies”

Certain gems just call to me. I found this GEM at auction from the estate of a collector’s reference library and was instantly drawn to it’s color and glow. Upon further examination it turned out to be an untreated Ruby from the fabled Jegdalek Mines in Afghanistan. This post-consumer gem is accompanied by an Origin Report from AGL. Set low to the finger in a hand sculpted 22k gold signet ring. To wear 22-karat gold alone is an experience unto itself. Slightly malleable it creates the feeling of deference to its wearer. Over time taking on a subjective shine to your skin’s individual natural oils.

US Ring Size 5.5. This ring can be resized. Recycled 22k Yellow Gold. Handcrafted in NYC.

Center Stone: 3.48 Carats, Pinkish-Red Ruby from Afghanistan measuring approx. 8.26 x 7.66 x 6.03mm. (AGL Report # CS 1075561)