Misty White Heirloom Diamond Ady Ring [SOLD]

Jacob and I came up with a lot of different comparisons to explain this mysterious and beautiful gem. It's both sparkly and cloudy, so it's quite difficult to describe. Perhaps the best description is that it appears like it's a soft cloud captured inside a brilliant hard shell. Set upside down, it has a delightfully geometric and contemporary look.

In our elegantly beveled antique style Ady ring, it's the perfect combination of vintage and modern style. 

14k Recycled Yellow Gold. Handcrafted in our Ady ring in New York City.

US Ring Size 7. This ring can be sized.

Center Stone:  Round near colorless white included Heirloom Diamond weighing ~0.87 ct.

Side Stones: Two x Vintage white Diamonds 1.5mm (~.03 ctw).


This piece has sold and appears here for inspirational purposes only.