Antique Fancy Pinkish-Brown Old European Cut Diamond Ring [SOLD]


This Fancy antique pinkish Diamond is simply the most beautiful diamond I have ever seen! It's no secret that I have a deep love affair with Old Antique Diamonds. Their chunky facets produce broad brushstroke-like flashes of light that speaks to me more than the pin-prick light flashes of light from a modern round brilliant cuts. Though I have seen a few fancy colored old cuts none are as special to me than these extremely rare blush colored stones. It would be impossible for me to find a similar stone at this price so I snatched this one up with haste. Set in a sculpted unique modern meets vintage custom made low-profile solitaire design this ring is a rare, minimal, and vintage contemporary heirloom.

This ring has sold! Similar rings can be custom ordered. To discuss your own ring, please email us at

US Ring Size 5.75. This ring can be resized. Recycled 18k Rose Gold. Handcrafted in NYC.

Center Stone: 6mm Round Fancy Pinkish-Brown Antique Old European Cut Diamond (GIA  REPORT #6187903616)

This piece has sold and appears here for inspirational purposes only.