Light Greenish Blue Roebling Aquamarine Ring [SOLD]


When you think of gorgeous gemstones, you might not think of Connecticut, but the Roebling Mine in New Milford, Connecticut (the town where Jacob and I first met!) was at one time one of the world's foremost sources of Heliodor, Green Beryl and Aquamarine. The mine has been closed for decades, but we managed to obtain a few select pieces. 

This 1.69ct Aquamarine is loupe clean and shifts between light blue and light bluish green. The color is delicate and lovely. It's set in a minimalist, modern, 14k White Gold ring of Jacob's design.

14k Recycled White Gold. Handcrafted in NYC.

Center Stone: 1.69ct Light Greenish Blue Unheated Aquamarine, Roebling Mine, Connecticut (USA). 

Side stones: 10x Round single antique cut diamonds totaling aprox 0.06 carats (Reclaimed).


This piece has sold and appears here for inspirational purposes only.