Two-Stone Natural Untreated Spinel and Antique Diamond Duo Ring

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Rich and buttery matte 18k recycled yellow gold flows in minimal proportions to form our duo ring. Centered upon a masterfully polished rare untreated blue spinel from Tanzania, and an antique old European cut diamond. Though GIA classified this spinel as blue, in certain light it takes on a misty grey hue reminiscent of a stormy ocean - while other times taking on a more vibrant true blue. The flickering brush stroke-like facets of the old European cut diamond adds a touch of old-world glamour to the contemporary silhouette.

A little bit about Spinel… Some ancient mines that supplied gems for royal courts from Rome to China produced spinel, but it was usually confused with better-known stones like ruby and sapphire. These fine stones were the treasured property of kings and emperors, often passing through many hands as spoils of war. As a result, some of the world’s most illustrious “rubies” are actually spinel.

One of the most famous spinel examples is the so-called “Black Prince’s ruby.” This historic gem is set in England’s Imperial State Crown and displayed in the Tower of London. It first appeared in the historical records of fourteenth-century Spain, and was owned by a succession of Moorish and Spanish Kings before Edward, Prince of Wales—the “Black Prince”— received the stone in 1367 as payment for a battle victory.

Since then, many other English monarchs—including Henry VIII—have cherished the gem. It’s outlasted them all, surviving fires, attempted theft, and World War II bombing raids, to become—with the Koh-i-Noor diamond—one of the centerpieces of England’s Crown Jewels.

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US Ring Size 5.5. This ring can be resized. Handcrafted in NYC. Recycled 18k Yellow Gold. 

Center Stone: 2.31 carat, 8.63mm x 6.38mm Octagon Brilliant, Untreated Blue Spinel from Tanzania (GIA Report # 6193978679)

Side Stone: 0.35 carat, 4.1mm Round Old European Cut Recycled Post-consumer Earth Mined Diamond, G VS2