Estelle Shining Australian Opal Ring

PRICE: $ 6,215


Made with the utmost care and love we are so excited to share our Estelle Australian Opal Ring! Shining with a fiery lightness the center pear shaped, all natural and solid, 2 carat Australian opal is a wonder to behold. Combining contemporary abstractions of the heart, the crown, fire and light Jacob has created a minimal distilled interpretation of an antique Sacred Heart ring.

The Heart shape symbolizes compassion, understanding, love and charity. The Crown symbolizes honor, dignity, dedication, & the the circle of time. Fire representing transformation, purification, renewal of life, power, strength, & energy. For fire facilitates change or passage from one state to the other. A consumer of lies, ignorance, and illusion. And finally light, a symbol of cosmic creation. Embodying joy and splendor, light radiates from nothingness and dispels darkness. Light is life, truth, illumination and a source of goodness.

US Ring Size 6. This ring can be resized. Recycled 14k yellow Gold. Handcrafted in NYC.

Center Stone: 2 Carat Australian Opal Pear Shape Cabochon measuring approximately thirteen by nine point five millimeters

Side Stones: 16 one millimeter, 2 one point three millimeter, and 3 two point one millimeter round reclaimed post consumer vintage single cut diamonds with and approximate total carat weight of 0.18 ctw